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SouthFair CDC was formed in 1991 and incorporated as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation in 1993 dedicated to the revitalization of the Jeffries-Meyers neighborhood. The Jeffries-Meyers neighborhood is a 10-acre/30-city block area bordered on the north by Hwy 30, Martin Luther King Blvd on the south, Central Expressway/Hwy 75 on the west and Robert. B. Cullum Street on east adjacent to Fair Park Grounds. The area has experience extensive blight and deterioration with exception to the historical homes on Park Row and South Blvd.

In 1992 SouthFair submitted a joint application with the City of Dallas for a HOPE III planning grant. In the same year, SouthFair was the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the City of Dallas to study the development of the district for Jeffries-Meyers, which resulted in the current Fair Park Gateway Revitalization Concept Plan.

In 1995 SouthFair entered a partnership agreement with NationsBank CDC (Bank of America CDC) in accordance with our committed strategy to redevelop the Jeffries, Meyers neighborhood that resulted in the revitalized 330-unit multifamily development project; Eban Village. More details on this development are discussed later under our accomplishments.

SouthFair CDC is governed by an 8 to 15 member Board of Directors from diverse professional backgrounds in areas such as real estate development, community activist, law, and insurance and neighborhood residents.

Our objective is to expand the housing and economic development opportunities, while striving to promote the stabilization of community institutions and assets.

Services include:

With over twenty years of experience, SouthFair has served thousands of clients, including residents of its primary target area of South Dallas and qualified low to moderate-income clients from all areas of the Dallas Metroplex in offering home ownership counseling and services and the social services required to make a legitimate homeowner. SouthFair’s success in training, consulting and case management of social service programs results from our extensive knowledge of housing program regulations, funding and unparalleled understanding of how programs work “hands on”.

SouthFair is responsible for the development of low and moderate income housing units and social service programs that promote the physical, mental spiritual, artistic, intellectual, environmental and occupational development of our residents. Our accomplishments in both real estate development and social service programs are as provided below.

  • Create Economic Opportunities
  • Real Estate Development
  • Provide Supportive Social Services
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