Fair Park Estates Neighborhood Association (FPENA)  (2011 – current)

SouthFair recognizes the need for new homeowners, in particular low-to-moderate families, to have a support system in place to ensure that they understand that they not only take ownership of their new home but their surrounding neighborhood as well. In order to address this issuse SouthFair is incorporating an expansion to the Fair Park Estates development to include a neighborhood association, Fair Park Neighborhood Association (FPNA). FPNA encourages neighborly support and security, advocates and coordinates neighborhood activities, encourages home and lot maintenance and offers a series of workshops.

Credit Education (2011 – current)

Enroll each family that participates into a home buying course. An initial assessment of mortgage readiness is completed which includes a detailed map of what needs to be done to increase the credit score to a level where the client is eligible for a mortgage.

Home Buyer Training Program (2010 – current)

Provide pre and post purchase homebuyer education, follow-up of potential homebuyers receiving housing assistance, and pre-and-post purchase follow-up group and individual services for the residents.

SouthFair’s Senior Care Service (2011 – current)

SouthFair’s Senior Care Programs’ purpose is to provide assistance to improving the quality of life of our seniors.  We have done jus t that!  We had our first senior outing on Thursday, October 25, 2012. The seniors from AYA Village and Ethel Parnell Place Apartments visited the African American Museum located in South Dallas’s Fair Park.  They received a personal tour from Dr. Harry Robinson. Dr. Robinson serves on SouthFair’s Board of Directors and is also the African American Museum’s Founder and President. At the end of the tour, the seniors enjoyed lunch and each other’s company. They had a great time and can’t wait for the next event!

Ensuring that the elderly have access to essential services is needed in all communities, in particular  South Dallas. SouthFair is working to implement community resources that would provide a care service that would provide assistance in improving their quality of life and accessing essential services, such as assistance with paying and mailing bills, scheduling or cancelling appointments, coordinating transportation and more. In addition, the elderly residents will attend cultural events and participate in various outings.  Workshops designed to keep them abreast of senior-related issues will also be conducted.

Seniors at Theater         Seniors inside Magnolia      Seniors inside Magnolia 2     Poster Valentine Social     Seniors at Valentine Social

Temporary Housing Assistance Program (THAP)   (2010-2011)

SouthFair participates in THAP commissioned by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. SouthFair provides temporary housing for eligible parolees which includes housing, food, clothing and hygiene items.  

Prison Re-entry Program (Partners: Operation Oasis, Hope Wheaton Organization & Concord Missionary Baptist Church)  (2009-2011)

SouthFair has provided case management services to assist hundreds of ex-prisoner and their families to acclimate back into the community as productive members of society. We have experienced a significant reduction in repeat offence and moved several clients toward self-sufficiency.

Fostering Grandparents (Partner: The Senior Source)   (2007-2009)

An alarming number of grandparents are raising children because the parents are either incarcerated, suffering from drug addictions or have endangered the lives of minor children through abusive situations and/or homes.

Mentoring Incarcerated Youth (Partners: Dallas County Juvenile Dept., West Dallas Community Center & Against the Odds)   (2005-2011)

This aim of our supportive services focus on providing supportive services to the children facing dysfunctional social economic issues and guiding the child to a productive life style

Mentoring School Age Children (Partners: Still I Rise, The Writer Garret)  (2005-2011)

A collaboration of mentoring services is provided for school aged children with onsite support at large multi-family units.

Project Safe Neighborhood (Partners: U. S. Department of Justice) (2004-2009)

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a nationwide network designed to create safer neighborhoods by reducing gun violence and gun crime, and sustaining that reduction. The success of this program is primarily attributable to resources together to take a hard line against guns crimes, heightened coordination among federal, state, city and local agencies, followed by emphasizing tactical intelligence information strategies.

Weed & Seed Program  (2002-2007)

South Fair operates the South Dallas Weed and Seed (SDWS) Program through an Advisory committee with federal government, State of Texas, City Of Dallas and local community based agencies and national operations overseen by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with a 5-year strategic plan to present an innovative comprehensive multi-agency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention and community revitalization.

Weed and Seed is a foremost strategy that aims to prevent, control and reduce violent crime, drug abuse and gang activity in South Dallas. SDWS Program is a two pronged approach: (1) Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors cooperate in “weeding out” violent criminals & drug abusers and (2) Local public agencies and community based organizations collaborate to “seed in” much-needed human service, including prevention, intervention, treatment, and neighborhood restoration programs.

Public Housing Safety Initiative (Partners: HUD and DHA) (2004-2009)

South Fair has worked with the U. S. Attorney’s Office to assist the Dallas Housing Authority to develop a safer neighborhood in two of their public housing developments. The social services provided to the developments through the PHSI Program included job training and employment assistance to providing teens with technical skills and soft skills needed to succeed in the job market, financial literacy training to instill basic money management skills for both youth and adults; Junior Community Volunteer Program to provide on-the-job experience to young adults entering the work force and the DEFY Summer Camp Program to create an environment where youth across the Dallas/Ft Worth Area has an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive preventive program that strengthens protective factors and reduces risk factors that scientific research has directly linked to adolescent alcohol and drug abuse, school failure, delinquency and violence.

Financial Literacy Training (2007-2009)

Provide financial literacy training to teenagers and adults through partnerships with local financial institutions to bring financial peace to the next generation by providing financial education and enrichment for before graduation or young adult training.

Adult & Teen Job Training Readiness Program  (2005-2009)

Provide job development for youth and young adults through partnership with Teens-At-Work to job training as well
as entrepreneur training and academic excellence.

After School Program – (Girls Volleyball & Girls Cheer Camp) (2003-2007)

In addition to working directly DISD to provide After School Program to school age children residing in South Dallas, we also sponsor special camps for girls that instill sportsmanship and personal development.

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