Taylor Freeman, Summer Intern 2012

Taylor’s Blog Entry

My summer here at SouthFair has been an eye opener and an educational experience. I’ve gotten to see how a business would actually run and the requirements it takes to keep it running.  I have really enjoyed being able to have this opportunity to work in an environment with people that work hard every day and enjoy what they do.

My internship here has taught me many skills that will help me to go further in life and give me the knowledge on how to pursue to my goals and dreams.

In the 10 weeks of working here I’ve learned new things but also recognized things I can improve on. I’ve learned tons of new computer skills and how to go about using different programs; such as Excel and Word. I’ve learned what an audit is and how to prepare for one, and many more things.

I am kind of a shy person which in working here and having to speak to the residents is slowly but surely bringing me out of my shell. But even with my shyness I would have to say talking to the tenants was probably what I liked the most!

On my last day I will be able to leave SouthFair knowing a lot more than what I did coming here and use what I have learned to continue my journey into becoming a veterinarian.  But I will definitely be keeping in touch with all of my fabulous coworkers!

Taylor Freeman
2012 Summer Intern

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